Ukrainian Village resident arrested and faces felony charges for tagging

Chicago Tribune posted a story yesterday about a Ukrainian Village resident (Ryan R. Sahlin 29, of the 2000 block of West Iowa) who now faces felony charges after police arrested him in connection with an early-morning tagging spree in  the neighborhood this week. You can read the full article here.

Alderman Waguespack added these comments in today’s 32nd Ward email update regarding graffiti in the ward:

Unfortunately, with warm weather, my office sees an increase of graffiti. If you see graffiti, please let us know, even if it is not on your building; don’t assume someone else has reported it. When you contact us about graffiti, we need to gather specific information starting with the exact address. We also need to know what kind of surface the graffiti is on (unpainted brick, metal, painted wood, etc), where on the structure the graffiti is (front, rear, side) and whether the graffiti is more than 6 feet off the ground. The more specific and accurate the information is, the quicker the problem will be resolved. Graffitiblasters prioritizes these jobs by starting with the oldest requests first. Graffiti on schools and churches, as well as graffiti that is a hate crime or a profanity will receive immediate attention…….

If there is graffiti on your building, make sure to call the police and fill out a police report, either through 311 or at your local police district station.The Police Department has done a great job catching taggers in the ward. If the police make an arrest, please make sure to attend court. If there is no victim present, the offender will be let go with nothing more than a slap on the wrist bythe courts. My staff and I have gone to court on graffiti cases in attempt to show the taggers that our community will not stand for graffiti. However, it is extremely discouraging when the actual victims do not show for the case and the tagger leaves the courthouse with a slap on the wrist. Please encourage anyone who has witnessed graffiti to show up for court advocacy when an arrest has been made.

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