Make Your Voice Heard About the Closing of the 13th Police District

Nothing has been made official yet, but there is serious talk of closing the 13th Chicago Police District on Wood Street and merging us with a district north or south of us. This could not come at a worse time as we’ve seen an unusual increase in crime in our area this summer and into the fall. We are not the only neighborhood in the 13th District and all of us want to make sure our voices are heard.

This petition is available online for signatures – take a look and add your name if you’d like to prevent the closing of the 13h Chicago Police District.

There is a special Beat 1312 Emergency Stakeholders’ Meeting this Thursday at 5pm  St Helen’s (2347 W Augusta). The topic will be the crime and burglaries that are going on in the area, and the Commander of the 13th District will be there conducting the meeting along with our usual CAPS facilitator. This meeting has been canceled.

Beat 1312 runs from Rockwell to Damen, Chicago to Division.
CAPS MEETING REMINDER: Please be sure that you and all your neighbors attend the CAPS regular meeting on Tuesday October 11th, also at St. Helen’s School, at 7:00pm.  Make your voices heard!

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