Community Alert: Snow Shoveling Burglars

DETAILS: A burglary was recently committed in the 1800 W. block of Haddon wherein the victim found two teens, 1 Male/Black and 1 Female/Black, inside his home who then fled outside towards another group of individuals standing outside the home with an adult Male/Black holding a snow shovel. Upon meeting up on the sidewalk all offenders then fled Westbound on Haddon Ave.

It is possible this could be a method of operation wherein part of the group acts as a lookouts under the premise of trying to solicit business by shoveling while the other part of the group approaches homes looking for unlocked doors or other access.

HOW YOU CAN HELP PREVENT THIS CRIME: Ensure your doors and windows remain locked at all times and when leaving your home ensure any alarms are set if one exists in your home.

Report all suspicious activity to 911.


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