Exhibit Opening: Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

Opening Reception: Contemporary Artists from the Ukraine

Opening Reception:  Friday February 1st, 6-9pm

Exhibit Dates: February 1st – March 1st 2013

The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art invites you to an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art. Artists in Ukraine historically received very traditional training that did not incorporate artistic trends that many of their global contemporaries followed. During the disintegration of the Soviet Union leading to the independence of Ukraine, the artists in Ukraine began discovering a new freedom of expression. Each artist responded differently to this new artistic freedom in diverse styles, subject matters and techniques.  The artists in this exhibition come from many different regions of the Ukraine, and their works reflects different styles and media.

Artists included:

  • Oleksander Babak
  • Oleksander Dubovyk
  • Serhiy Mikhnovsky
  • Roman Romanyshyn
  • Serhiy Savchenko
  • Oksana Stratijchuk
  • Kateryna Svirhunenko
  • Mykola Zhuravel



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