UVNA March 2014 Meeting Notes

Thursday March 20th, 2014 – 6:30pm – St. Helen School Cafeteria

Officers and UVNA Board Members in attendance:

  • President:  Paul Matwyshyn
  • Treasurer: Harriet Siller
  • Secretary: Samantha Arnold
  • Board Members: George Matwyshyn


Discussion of Possible Historic District Expansion

In light of the recent demolition of the New Hope Bible Church on Leavitt street, and the purchase of the Hoyne Avenue Weslyan Church by a developer (see this link for a further discussion of these properties in our February Meeting Notes)  we started a discussion with our members and Alderman Fioretti from the 2nd Ward, and his Chief of Staff Tim Stevens,  at this month’s meeting about the status of the current historic district. We dicussed properties included and excluded from the district, as well as how we could best go about protecting the building stock of our neighborhood that is not within the boundaries of the Ukrainian Village Historic District.

We reviewed the areas that are currently outside the historic district boundaries as well as some of the churches that are excluded and determined that if we would like to propose another extension to the historic district, that we should start with a small management geographic area.  Based on this, we decided to start with the properties along Augusta Avenue between Western and Damen that are currently outside the existing boundaries of the historic district. This area includes the St. Helen school and church on the south side of the street, as well as St. Stephen King of Hungary Roman Catholic Church near Augusta and Damen.

We need to survey residents/building owners along this stretch of Augusta as the Alderman has suggested that we would need approximately a 50% or higher approval of the property owners within the proposed extension boundaries in order to move forward with proposing the extension to the Chicago Landmarks Commission.

  • Steve Niketopolous volunteered to talk to residents along Augusta between Hoyne and Damen Avenue
  • Samantha Arnold and Paul Matwyshyn will talk to residents along Augusta between Leavitt and Hoyne
  • Harriet Siller will talk to St. Helen’s Parish and St. Helen School between Western and Augusta

We will report back our findings at the April Membership Meeting.

Downzoning of Property at 1137 N. Leavitt Street

Alderman Fioretti, who was also in attendance at our meeting, proposed that his office downzone the now vacant property at 1137 N. Leavitt, formerly the New Hop Bible Church, as a method to insure that the developer will need to meet with the neighborhood association to review his plans and zoning requests before construction begins.
Discussion of possible Expansion of  the boundaries of the neighborhood association

There has been some discussion among some members and some potential new members about expanding the boundaries of the neighborhood association to match that of the officially declared neighborhood which goes south of Chicago Avenue to Superior Street, as originally declared by Mayor Byrne in 1983.    If there is sufficient interest from residents in that area, we could put the issue before the board.  However, there is also a survey circulating to residents beteween Chicago, Grand, Damen, and Western, about the interest in a neighborhood association to serve the entire area as well.  The survey can be found here. 

Chicago Architecture Foundation Open House – October 2014

The CAF has expressed an interest in including the Ukrainian Village Historic District in it’s fall Open House.  The board members will be meeting with CAF and will bring more information to the April meeting.

Clean & Green Events

Many wards, including the 2nd ward, are hosting Clean & Green neighborhood clean-ups on April 26th.  Contact the 1st or 2nd ward offices for details on events or to coordinate a clean-up event on your block or in your neighborhood.

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