UVNA April 2015 Meeting

UVNA April Meeting

When and Where:
Next Thursday Night, April 23rd from 7pm to 8pm. To be held in the basement meeting room at St. Helen’s church (2347 W Augusta Blvd. The entrance is on Augusta at the bottom of the steps near the statue. A sign will be posted).

The Topics:

We will be joined by Lauren Crabtree from Active Transportation Alliance who will be giving a bike safety seminar.

We will hold a review of the UVNA and what role we play in the community for 2015.

We would like to have a discussion of the best things Ukrainian Village has to offer and how the UVNA can help in highlighting them. This includes some of the beautification projects we previously discussed.

More topics may be added in the next week, we will send out another reminder email before the 23rd.

We hope everyone can stop by, and we want to give a special thank you to Marianne Johnson and St. Helen’s School for letting us use this space for our meeting.

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