Forgotten Chicago’s Survey of Ukrainian Village Stained Glass

stained glass entrance in ukrainian village

stained glass entrance in Ukrainian village (photo courtesy of

Are you familiar with Forgotten Chicago? Their website helps serve their mission “to discover and document little-known elements of Chicago‚Äôs infrastructure, architecture, neighborhoods and general cityscape, whether existing or historical. ” They provide a lot of historical information and documentation on the site, as well as offer periodic historical walking tours, keep an active Twitter feed going with updates on historical Chicago buildings and/or neighborhoods.

The picture above is from a short post that used to reside on their website about the stained glass windows in our neighborhood. It’s no longer up on their site but there are additional photos of Ukrainian Village entrances with stained glass and without in one of their articles about the old house-numbering system in Chicago that you can still see in our neighborhood. Do you have a stained glass entrance in your Ukrainian Village house or an old house number? Learn more on the Forgotten or their social media feeds.


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