Jun 13

Questions for the Developers of St. John’s Church on Hoyne

(image courtesy of Our Urban Times)


We had a presentation from Mokin Development, who purchased St John’s Church (913-925 N. Hoyne St) on Thursday night (6/20) at the UVNA monthly members meeting.  They presented some proposed drawings and elevations as to how they would like to convert the church and school buildings in to 19 condo units.  We will get the full meeting notes up on the site shortly.  In the meantime you can also get more information here:

In the next week (6/20 – 6/27) we are collecting further questions that our neighbors have for the developers, so that we can share them with the Alderman.  Please submit your questions in the form below.

Jun 13

June 20th Meeting Agenda: Election’s & St. John’s Church

(photo via OurUrbanTimes.com)


Please attend the June Meeting on Thursday June 20th, 2013 at 6:30pm at St. Helen School, 2347 w. Augusta Blvd.  We have two big items on the agenda.

  •  UVNA Officer Elections
  •  Presentation and Q & A regarding the development of St. John’s Lutheran Church and School

You can read more about the proposed development of the Church and School on Hoyne street in the following links:


May 13

UVNA Meeting Notes – May 2013

Thursday May 16th,  2013 – 6:30pm, St. Helen School Cafeteria

Officers and UVNA Board Members in attendance:

  • President: Paul Matwyshyn
  • Vice President: Harriet Siller
  • Secretary: Samantha Arnold
  • Board Members:  George Matwyshyn


UVNA Officers Election

We were planning to hold elections for UVNA officers but we did not have a quorum of active members in attendance.  We are postponing the elections until the June meeting – please make sure you membership dues are paid up so you can vote, and please attend the next meeting.

Proposed Church Renovation Plan Review

Orest Baranyk of Baranyk Associates, Ltd. an architectural firm in Park Ridge IL, contacted our president the day of the meeting to present initial plans for the renovation of  St John’s Lutheran Church,  913 – 925 N. Hoyne Avenue.  The developer has purchased the property – purchased back in February – and just learned that they need to speak with the neighborhood association as part of the process.   In order to give all members due notice,  we did not take a vote on the proposed changes that they would like to make to the property and will do that at the next membership meting.  Highlights of some of the renovations they would like to make to the property:

  • Keep both the church and the school buildings – covert to 9 condos (church), 10 (school)
  • parking underneath both buildings
  • Said they ‘cannot replace’ the stained glass windows but will replace other windows.
  • Completely gut interiors
  • Asking for a 12-ft curb cut on Hoyne for entrance/exit to the underground parking structures as  if they enter/exit through the alley they will have to cut into the buildings
  • Asking for a zoning change from RT4 to RT5 to allow for 19 units – otherwise they can old build 17 units.

Come to the next meeting to hear the full presentation and/or sent questions/comments ahead of time to info@uvna.org

For reference here are the meeting notes from the presentation by the previous development firm who was interested in the building last year.

Church or Architectural Neigborhhood Walk

We are still working on hosting an architectural tour of our neighborhood this year – mostly likely in the fall, the weekend of September 28th.  We have a few volunteers to assist in the planning of the event and communications to neighborhood churches and institutions, but we need a couple more volunters and an organizer .  The UVNA officers will be working with the committee as well, and the Chicago Architecture Foundation has indicated that they are interested in looking into how we might work together on the event as well.   As always, contact info@uvnal.org if you are interested or have questions.

Community Safety & CAPS Meetings

The next CAPS meeting for our beat is Tuesday June 4th, at St. Helen School on Augusta.  The CAPS facilitators continue to share information with us from the CPD as it becomes available and we try to get that information out to our neighborhood. One of our members has proposed creating a safety committee to consolidate CAPS and other Ukrainian Village neighbor crime and safety information so that we can more keep everyone in our are informed as to current events, including those of our residents who may not use online social media tools like Facebook.


Mar 13

UVNA February 2013 Meeting Notes

Thursday February 21st, 2013– 6:30pm, St. Helen School Cafeteria

Officers and UVNA Board Members in attendance:

  • Vice President: Harriet Siller
  • Secretary: Samantha Arnold
  • Board Members:  George Matwyshyn,  Patrick Danaher


Presentation from Commander Melissa Staples of the 12th District

Commander Staples introduced herself to us, and ran through her background with the CPD – 22 years on the job,  and previously served as commander in the North Side’s 17th District.  She is a resident of the old 13th district and is familiar with our area.  She talked about the work the 12th has been doing to combat gang violence,  as well as some recent successes, talked about the tactical teams that have been doing the great work they were doing in the old 13th, and mentioned new teams and/or initiatives underway to deal with specific crime issues in the new 12th district.

  • While the 12th district is one of the geographically largest it also has more officers than any other district in the city.
  • Community awareness is always an important part of fighting crime and she stressed the importance of calling something in if  it doesn’t feel right. “If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not”.
  • She  talked about gang graffiti and the importance of getting gang graffiti removed ASAP.
  • Call in any gang graffiti that you see and send a photo along with the address where the graffiti is spotted to the 12th district   –CAPS012District@chicagopolice.org


Presentation from Energy Impact Illinois

Vito Greco from Energy Impact Illinois gave a an update on the program they have running to help homeowners reduce energy bills. They help homeowners connect with rebates and certified professionals to conduct energy efficient improvements.  Homeowners can receive up to $1750 in instant rebates for cost-effective and permanent energy efficient improvements like air sealing and insulation.

  • This program runs through May 2013  (may be extended to September)
  • This program is available for single-family homes and buildings with 2-4 units.
  • Buildings with 5 or more units can take part in a similar Energy Savers Program.


Representatives from Alderman Fioretti’s office were also at the meeting to introduce themselves and the 2nd ward. We will be working with the Alderman’s office to find a date when he can meet with the UVNA.

Feb 13

12th District Commander to Speak At UVNA Meeting Feb 2/21

12th District Commander Melissa A. Staples will speak at the February UVNA Meeting this Thursday 2/21 at 6:30 pm.

Please attend the meeting and meet the head of our new (to us) Chicago Police District.