Past Petitions & Requests

Past Issues:

Street Festival Accountability

(May 2014) The UVNA has joined forces with four other neighborhood organizations to work towards financial and logistical accountability. Our request letter is attached in this link

Stop-work Requests on Historic Structures in Our Neighborhood

Most of Ukrainian Village falls within the historically landmarked Ukrainian Village District.   As such, any work that involves structural or material changes to the exterior portions of buildings within the district must have a permit and approval from the Chicago Landmarks Commission.  This includes new roofs, windows, doors, entryways, etc.  You can download an excerpt of the city code as it pertains to landmark buildings here.  Chicago Landmarks Ordinance

If you see what appears to be unauthorized work going on in our neighborhood please immediately notify the UVNA by sending an email to us at   We will bring it to the attention of the correct individuals at the Landmarks Commission ASAP.

Neighborhood Petitions

From time to time we may post copies of petitions that we are circulating throughout the neighborhood.  We post links to any current petitions here for online signatures.