Mar 11

Graffiti Alert

graffiti blasters Vandals recently tagged the Bucktown neighborhood and defaced many buildings on Damen and surrounding blocks with graffiti. VTC, Wicked and BIGL have been active in the area for some time. As you may recall last year, VTC and BigL were caught by the police but were released by the court when the owner of the building they tagged (one of hundreds) failed to show in court out of fear they might tag them again.

The 32nd ward office is working with the city’s Graffiti Blasters to have the graffiti addressed, in addition to working with the police to do everything possible to apprehend the criminals including stake outs and additional patrols. The ward asks that businesses review their security camera tapes in an effort to apprehend them. Please call 911 immediately if you see any suspicious behavior including cars cruising around or lingering in front of buildings. Please continue to call the ward office at (773) 248-1330 or use the form on their website, www.ward32.org to report graffiti. With the help of police, residents, and businesses, criminals can identified, apprehended, arrested and sentenced.