Feb 18

Forgotten Chicago’s Survey of Ukrainian Village Stained Glass

stained glass entrance in ukrainian village

stained glass entrance in Ukrainian village (photo courtesy of ForgottenChicago.com)

Are you familiar with Forgotten Chicago? Their website helps serve their mission “to discover and document little-known elements of Chicago’s infrastructure, architecture, neighborhoods and general cityscape, whether existing or historical. ” They provide a lot of historical information and documentation on the site, as well as offer periodic historical walking tours, keep an active Twitter feed going with updates on historical Chicago buildings and/or neighborhoods.

The picture above is from a short post that used to reside on their website about the stained glass windows in our neighborhood. It’s no longer up on their site but there are additional photos of Ukrainian Village entrances with stained glass and without in one of their articles about the old house-numbering system in Chicago that you can still see in our neighborhood. Do you have a stained glass entrance in your Ukrainian Village house or an old house number? Learn more on the Forgotten Chicago.website or their social media feeds.


Nov 13

WTTW’s Chicago Tonight does a story on vacant churches in Ukrainian Village

(image courtesy of Our Urban Times)

Recently WTTW’ s show Chicago Tonight did a piece on vacant churches and their re-use  in Chicago and covered a few churches in our neighborhood,  and also interviewed board member George Matwyshyn.

You can see the entire piece as well as view photos of a few of the churches in our neighborhood  here on their website

May 12

First Annual Architectural Walk of Historic Neighborhood Churches!

On Saturday, June 16, 2012, the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association (UVNA) will host  a tour of five majestic Eastern European spiritual and architectural temples of worship without ever having to leave the city boundaries.  The UVNA offers for your viewing and educational delight five architectural gems:  three cathedrals and two officially land-marked structures.

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral

Saint Volodymyr the Great Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

Saint Helen Catholic Church

Saints Volodymyr and Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church

  For more information, see the attached press release,  or contact info@uvna.org.


Jul 11

Reminder: Please Notify the UVNA Regarding Potential Landmark Violations

Most of Ukrainian Village falls within the historically landmarked Ukrainian Village District.   As such, any work that involves structural or material changes to the exterior portions of buildings within the district must have a permit and approval from the Chicago Landmarks Commission.  This includes new roofs, windows, doors, entryways, etc.  You can download an excerpt of the city code as it pertains to landmark buildings here.  Chicago Landmarks Ordinance

If you see what appears to be unauthorized work going on in our neighborhood please immediately notify the UVNA by sending an email to us at president@uvna.org.   We will bring it to the attention of the correct individuals at the Building Inspector’s office and the Landmarks Commission ASAP.

May 11

Meeting Notes: UVNA Elections & Property Review, May 19th, 2011

This month’s meeting was focus on our annual elections and the review of plans for the construction of a new home on Walton Street.

  • Elections
    • We had one slate running – the current offices ran for re-election and were unanimously re-elected.
      • Paul Matwyshyn, President
      • Harriet Siller, Vice President
      • Marc Dimond, Treasurer
      • Samantha Arnold, Secretary
  • Street lights on Leavitt & Rice
    • There have been problems the last couple of weeks with the street lights going out in the Leavitt & Rice area. If you notice that the lights are out, please call 311 and report it so we can get the issue resolve.d
  • Property Review
    • We reviewed the plans to build a single-family home on the empty lot at 2018 W. Walton street.  The owner and architect presented the plans, composite mock-up, elevations, and floor-plans, as well as answered questions. The UVNA approved their plans.