Mar 11

Forgotten Chicago’s Survey of Ukrainian Village Stained Glass

stained glass entrance in ukrainian village

stained glass entrance in ukrainian village (photo courtesy of ForgottenChicago.com)

Are you familiar with Forgotten Chicago? Their website helps serve their mission “to discover and document little known elements of Chicago’s infrastructure, architecture, neighborhoods and general cityscape, whether existing or historical. ” They provide a lot of historical information and documentation on the site, as well as offer periodic historical walking tours, keep an active Twitter feed going with updates on historical Chicago buildings and/or neighborhoods. Their site also hosts some fairly active forums with questions and discussions about everything from hot dog stands and old funeral homes, to ice-delivery doors in the backs of residential buildings.

The picture above is from a short post on their website about the stained glass windows in our neighborhood.  Do you have an entrance like this on your building?  Consider sending a picture to Forgotten Chicago to add to their survey and send one our way too!


May 10

what does it mean to be in a landmark district?

Ukrainian Village is one of Chicago”s historic landmark districts. If you have ever wondered about what such designation means, then don”t miss the upcoming May neighborhood meeting.Questions like the following will be addressed:

  • What does it mean to be a landmark area?
  • What are advantages of living in a landmarked district?
  • How the landmark rules are enforced?
  • What happens after a building has been found in violation of the landmark ordinance?
  • What is the process when we have repairs that need to be done to the exterior of our building?

Larry Shure,  from the City of Chicago Landmarks Commission has been invited to answer any questions or concerns about landmark districts, like Ukrainian Village.  We hope to see you there!

UVNA meets every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm the Hoyne Avenue Wesleyan Church.  To receive emails with news and updates, sign up on our website or contact infouvna@gmail.com.