Apr 11

Historic Neighborhoods are Healthy Neighborhoods

royal apartments ukrainian village chicago

Walkable neighborhoods, walkable schools are healthier environments for everyone.   Many, if not most historic districts or neighborhoods with their “lovely tree-lined streets, interconnected blocks, and great architectural details on multi-storied buildings” are ” walkable places where you can get your recommended daily dose of exercise while simply going about your everyday business”. The “intimacy and beauty” of historic areas is often because they are scaled for human interaction.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation created Active Living Research – a national program that prevent childhood obesity by supporting research on the policy and environments that contribute to active living for children and their families.   And, the National Trust for Historic Preservation received a grant from Active Living Research to help study and promote walkable schools and neighborhoods.  You can read more about this work here on the National Trust for Historic Preservation website.


May 10

what does it mean to be in a landmark district?

Ukrainian Village is one of Chicago”s historic landmark districts. If you have ever wondered about what such designation means, then don”t miss the upcoming May neighborhood meeting.Questions like the following will be addressed:

  • What does it mean to be a landmark area?
  • What are advantages of living in a landmarked district?
  • How the landmark rules are enforced?
  • What happens after a building has been found in violation of the landmark ordinance?
  • What is the process when we have repairs that need to be done to the exterior of our building?

Larry Shure,  from the City of Chicago Landmarks Commission has been invited to answer any questions or concerns about landmark districts, like Ukrainian Village.  We hope to see you there!

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