Jul 16

West Town Community Yard Sale: Saturday July 30th, 2016

The UVNA is ready for the 2nd Annual Community-Wide Yard Sale. Last years event was held in May with over 50 participants. Neighbors across Ukrainian Village are organizing yard sales for Saturday, July 30th.

This extends to other neighborhoods in West Town as well, be sure to let the organizers know if you are interested in hosting a yard sale on your block. Email your name, location, and a brief description of items for sale to westtownyardsale@gmail.com.

All updates and walking maps will be posted on the Facebook page for this event located at https://www.facebook.com/westtowncommunityyardsale.

A best estimate has us near 65 yard sales, but please be sure to check the online google map for the most up to date locations. All updates will be on the main facebook site, linked above.

Jun 14

UVNA working with neighborhood groups for street festival accountability

The UVNA has joined forces with four other neighborhood organizations to work towards financial and logistical accountability. Our request letter is attached below.

We ask for:
-Complete transparency of festival financial statements. Including a detailed breakout of sponsorships, vendors, beer sales, grants, expenses & donations (at minimum, for the prior two years).
-Inclusion of neighborhood groups in each festival’s logistics, safety & police plans in a timely fashion so they can have input and inform residents of what to expect.
-Understanding that profits vary by fest, we would like more consistency between fests in our neighborhoods regarding the portion of proceeds that go to community beneficiaries.
-If the festival decides to take donations, they must post signage explaining how the donation will be used. (Chicago law states that you can’t charge admission to the public way) This should include an established percentage of the gate to be donated to the identified non-profit, excluding festival organizers.
-Each festival takes the responsibility to make sure any community organizations or non-profits receiving funds [or donations] are legitimate and are using proceeds as stated to go back into the neighborhood on a timely basis

More information can be found in these two articles


DNAinfo: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20140528/wicker-park/neighborhood-fests-should-open-books-consult-residents-groups-demand

      Updated 6/4: We have had good meetings with the West Town Chamber of Commerce about festival accountability, looking forward to working more closely with them on additional neighborhood concerns due to the street festivals.


Jun 14

“Real Stories” event at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

There is a powerful event coming up on Friday June 6th from 5:30-8:00.

Southside students will be coming to Ukrainian Village to present for us. Their project includes photographs, poems and interviews to give a voice to the voiceless and tell the “Real Stories” of the people in their community. These High school freshmen have been exploring the ideas of stereotypes across our Chicago neighborhoods. Students’ writing ranges from their experiences with gangs and violence to being one of the first in their family to graduate high school, to the pride in their families and communities. You can flip through the book they made in this link to see the types of things they share: http://www.blurb.com/books/3250614-our-voices-our-stories-our-truth

This will happen *Friday June 6th* at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (2320 W Chicago Ave), please try to stop by to show them that our community cares about their work. RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/282752895227805/?source=1

May 14

Need some help reporting Potholes?

Here is a map of the neighborhood highlighting which Ward you can email for assistance. Please CC us in the email as well (president@uvna.org). Just include a brief writeup including pictures and the block number (“The 2200 block of Iowa” for example).

*The orange section is the 26th Ward (email nereida.aviles@cityofchicago.org)

*The blue section is the 1st Ward (email jerry.mandujano@cityofchicago.org)

*The pink section is the 2nd Ward (email Constantine.Argiris@cityofchicago.org).

Jan 13

UVNA January 2013 Meeting Notes

Thursday January  17th, 2013– 6:30pm, St. Helen School Cafeteria

Officers and UVNA Board Members in attendance:

  • President:  Paul Matwyshyn
  • Vice President: Harriet Siller
  • Secretary: Samantha Arnold
  • Board Members:  George Matwyshyn


Presentation by T.H.E  Management, Inc.

Samuel Lewis gave a brief presentation on THE Management Inc.’s work with condo associations to provide condo owners with the best tools to become self sufficient and successful condo associations.  He also shared information about their upcoming seminar for Condo owners who have questions about identifying and overcoming issues with HOAs and condo associations.  Their seminar will include the following  panel of experts available for questions and discussions. The seminar will be Friday Feb 1st, 2013  6-9:00pm at Creative Studio Space, 2941 W. Belmont.   Tickets:  $10.00   More Info: 773-544-864

Presentation by the WickerPark Bucktown SSA #33

Beth Sholtis and John Paige gave a short presentation on the history of the SSA and their upcoming review of their 5-year master plan and budget.  They have an online survey out (please click on the link below & take the survey!)  to get feedback from the community about the direction they should take in their next master plan.  They will be giving a similar presentation to the community this Wednesday, January 30th at 6:30pm at the Bucktown-Wicker Park Public Library, 1701 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Doors open at 6pm and refreshments will be served. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their committees and how you can be more involved.

CAPS Update

We are now officially in the 12th Police District, and Ukrainian Village falls within beat 1212.  CAPS beat meetings will now take place every other month.  Beat 1212 will meet the 1st Tuesday of the month (every other month) and the next meeting is Tuesday, February 5th, 7:00pm. St. Helen School.